About Us

Your premier source of high-quality wooden furniture – designed and manufactured in Europe



The Transcarpathian Mountain Region in Europe is rich with beautiful trees in the old, magnificent forests in the area. The strength of the trees becomes the strength of your high-quality furniture thanks to century-long furniture manufacturing traditions that are still used today.

Furniture from StolOss is made with natural materials built to last, delivered directly from the manufacturer. We provide you with high-quality wooden furniture combined with latest woodworking technology at a fraction of the cost.

Far too often, the furniture industry consists of either high markups on quality products due to third-party dealers or inexpensive prices due to the use of inadequate materials that don’t last. We aspired to fix that.

Two friends came together to connect the unparalleled furniture production in Europe with North American consumers that deserve better than what is currently available to them. We stay true to our core values with every manufacturer we partner with, assuring our customers receive nothing but the best quality furniture at a great price.

The StolOss Difference

We have made it our mission to provide our customers with gorgeous furniture pieces they will be proud to have in their homes or businesses for many years to come. To live up to our mission, we:

 - Use natural materials (with FSC-Certified wood)

 - Create high-quality products intended for long-term use, reducing furniture waste

 - Practice LEAN manufacturing, which:

  • Puts customer value at the forefront
  • Reduces waste in production
  • Allows for continuous improvement

StolOss furniture is what we have all been looking for, but previously didn’t have access to – until now. Check out our amazing selection of high-quality, sustainable, wooden furniture and experience the StolOss difference for yourself.

 “They Don’t Make Furniture How They Used To”

It’s a shared belief that furniture simply isn’t made the way it was in the past. Furniture quality is suffering unless an unreasonable price is paid. The truth is, the furniture industry changed in Europe and North America. Though the industry changed, consumers are reminiscing the past. The industry is missing something vital to getting back to the quality that was previously the norm: a connection to amazing materials, unparalleled production, and a customer-focused approach.

We’re Reviving the Industry

StolOss has made it our mission to revive the furniture industry, bringing back the quality that used to be the norm (and accessible to everyone). Even more, we aspire to do so sustainably, and through dedicated support of small businesses throughout North America and Europe.

Our hope is that our unwavering focus on reshaping the furniture industry will ignite others to do the same. Not only do consumers deserve better, but small businesses deserve better, and our planet deserves better.

The values we hold dear to our business model are our guide for our product offerings, future relationships, and our continuous improvement methods. 

    When a dedicated North American company partners with like-minded European small businesses, the difference that results is best seen to be fully appreciated. Check out our selection of stunning, high-quality wood furniture – made in Europe.